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Juliet’s marriage to Romeo is the romantic solution to all of their problems, so it seems, but it is given an ironic twist when Juliet is forced to wed Paris. Regardless of your gender, write a brief statement describing your feeling on her predicament and what you would do if you were in her position.

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  1. Well if I were in a predicament such as Juliet’s , I would have to resort to certain measures to repair the situation with the families by telling them the truth but that would only cause more problems with the Capulets and the Montagues . Another strategy would be to refuse to wed Paris and then she would be banished and could then go to Mantua to live with Romeo. It is a very difficult situation that she is in and I would hardly know what to do but still it is good to try and figure a way out of such a predicament but just as Juliet went to Friar Lawrence I would go to someone I knew I could trust. Romeo is also experiencing anguish once he is banished from Verona and cannot see Juliet at all and this worsens the situation in his mind.

  2. I think that the marriage was a good solution for the couple. There was much trouble after the marriage when Romeo kills Tybalt and Juliet is supposed to marry Paris. I think that the plan devised would have worked out well if the wedding had not been moved up or Romeo had not been stupid and killed himself. Another solution for Juliet would have been to run away to Mantua and to live with Romeo. Juliet did not know what to do so she went to Friar Lawrence who had a very good solution but it was fouled up when the wedding was moved up and when the message to Romeo could not get through. All in all both Romeo and Juliet could have prevented their deaths and could have lived together.

  3. If I was Juliet being put into this predicament I would disobey my parents and refuse to marry Paris. Marrying Paris while already being married to Romeo would be a sin that would be greater than disobeying parents. If I refused to marry Paris I would be banned from Verona by my parents (Lady Capulet, Capulet) and left to go to Mantua. Then I would be able to go see Romeo and live with him there. This would solve most of my problems. The only problem with this is that I’d miss my parents very much and would eventually have to go back and see them. If this was the case I’d go back and see them every so often and tell them about the marriage between Romeo and hope that they would understand. Juliet was out into a very tough predicament and I think she handled herself very well. Everything would have worked if the letter had gone to Romeo on time….

  4. If I was in Juliet’s position, I would have not considered marrying Paris and I would be disowned. I would not feel bad being disowned because I would not like to be dishonest to my marriage with Romeo. I would not feel bad disobeying my parents because they would be willing to disown me if I didn’t marry Paris, who I had no feelings for. I would have been disowned and I would have run off to live in Mantua with my real husband whom I love very much. Friar Lawrence’s idea was also very good, however I think it would have worked out better if Romeo got the letter and the wedding was moved to a Wednesday, instead of Thursday. On the other hand, I’m not sure if I would trust Friar Lawrence, for all I knew it could have been poison. I believe that if I had the option of being disowned and not marry Paris, I would take it because then you could live happily ever after and it would also get your parents very upset and then they might learn their lesson.

  5. If I was in a predicament like the one Juliet is in, I would explain to my parents that I have married a Montague (Romeo) and that I truly loved him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and not wed Paris who I don’t have any feelings for. Even though her parents have a huge say in what she does she needs to express her true feelings to them, and overtime maybe they can accept her decision.. The Montague’s and Capulet’s would have to resolve any conflicts because that would be important to their daughter, and her relationship with Romeo and her family would be happier. I would also go get some advice from somebody I really new and trusted as Juliet went to Friar Lawrence because it would be nice to get someone else’s opinion which may help her situation. If my parents disowned me then I would leave and go to Mantua to find Romeo and be with him and hopefully my parents would realize my feelings and someday forgive me. I truly feel for Juliet because she cannot go and confide in Romeo her one true love because he has been banished from Verona and if he comes back and gets caught then he will be killed.

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